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Retaining Walls Brisbane

We are Brisbane Retaining Walls, a team of competent and trained retaining walls installers, designers, concreters, tilers, and engineers who have provided both residential and industrial retaining walls solutions in Brisbane and surrounding cities in Queensland. For more than 14 years, our team has dedicated our services to providing high-quality and professional retaining wall installations, paving services, and driveway solutions that are functional, visually appealing, and cost-effective.  

Retaining Walls Brisbane offers a wide range of retaining wall solutions and surfaces that will suit everyone’s taste and sense of style. Our team has experience in almost all types of retaining wall systems including but is not limited to sleepers and panels. Other expertise includes:

  • Limestone
  • Concrete
  • Timber
  • Rocks
  • Sandstones
  • Panels
  • Sleepers
  • and many more.

As a local business operating for more than a decade, it has been our mission to bring affordable yet high-quality retaining walls to the people of Brisbane. If you want to know more about what we offer, message us through the Request A Quote form or call us at (07) 3132 0741 for one of our expert builders to talk to you about the different available options. Looking forward to hearing from you soon!


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Our expert retaining wall builders have been in the industry for a decade and have mastered installing high-quality, durable structures.

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Your time and being on time is our priority. That's why we make sure that every project gets completed without any delays or setbacks - something we've been doing for the last 14 years, with success. We want to keep it up!

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We only use high-quality and premium materials in all retaining walls we build. Quality is of utmost importance to us, so that's why when it comes to building a wall for your property or business, you can be sure that the quality will never disappoint!

Brisbane Retaining Wall Services

We offer a wide range of retaining wall solutions in Brisbane. Our services include limestone retaining walls, concrete sleeper retaining walls, and perimeter retaining walls. We also specialise in high-quality paving solutions and professional driveway installations. 

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We have the most extensive inventory of materials and retaining wall systems in Brisbane.

We are proud to say that we have the most extensive inventory of materials and retaining wall systems in Brisbane. We can provide all the basic and advanced retaining walls, made out of different materials like limestones, natural rocks, wood or metal; for everyone’s taste preference. We offer:

If a customer isn’t sure what kind of retaining walls they want installed around their home or property, we have experts here to help guide them towards the perfect solution. To get started call our hotline at (07) 3132 0741 and one of our professionals will be happy to answer any questions about this topic as well as provide an estimate based off their custom specifications

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Limestone Retaining Walls in Brisbane

Limestone is one of the most popular material to use for retaining walls. It is a very hard material so it can be used for long-term retaining wall systems and it also presents a more contemporary and luxurious look.You may not know it, but limestone is formed from the chemical reaction between water and calcium carbonate. When this natural process occurs, we often find out that if you remove all of the carbon dioxides in a body of water by warming or stirring up some turbulence with photosynthesis then there’s an increased chance for more precipitation to occur. Because of this process, limestones become very hard, non-flammable, and water-resistant, making it a perfect material to control soil erosion, 

One caveat, however, is that limestones are not necessarily the most affordable material to use. In fact, it lies within the more expensive side of the price spectrum for retaining wall systems. This is the reason why it is important that when installing it, the one who should do it is experienced enough. Otherwise, it will not be as durable as it can possibly be. If you are looking for a reliable service provider to install limestone retaining walls in your property, call Retaining Walls Brisbane today to learn more about our different offerings and how we are the best at what we do. 

Concrete Retaining Walls in Brisbane

Concrete retaining wall has become one of the most popular and most used around the world. Concrete is an inexpensive building material that is very flexible in its use. It can be used for paving, for foundation building, and of course, it is a great material for retaining walls as well. However, it is still important that you solicit the help of an experienced retaining wall installer in order to make sure that you don’t waste resources when your DIY concrete retaining wall disintegrate after a few months. Here in Brisbane Retaining Walls, all of our installers are experts in what they do and they have massive experience in building visually-appealing, cost-effective, and long-lasting concrete retaining walls. Call us today to get a free quote!

We Build Retaining Walls that make a difference

With an extensive range of retaining wall products, engineering expertise and installation experience you can design the perfect space for your needs.

Rock Retaining Walls in Brisbane

Retaining walls are used to create a transition from one level of the ground to another. By cutting into a slope and allowing for level ground both above and below the wall, retaining walls increase the amount of flat, usable ground space with minimal effort in your yard. In past times there are no modern tools or equipment available which can achieve this efficiently – but now it has been made much easier thanks to advances in technology! That is why ever since people have already been using natural rocks and stones as retaining wall systems. This is a tedious process of choosing and shaping the rocks as well as fitting them together to form a strong wall that would be effective in controlling soil erosion. If  not installed right, they tend to break out of their position, especially since they are usually made without a concrete reinforcing base. While there are ways that you can DIY rock retaining walls, it is still recommended that you use the help of professionals to make sure that your retaining wall can last a long time and for you to save money, time, and energy in the long run. Call our hotline today and explore the different options we have for you!

Timber Retaining Walls in Brisbane

Timber is also another system that is popular for retaining walls. The strong and versatile wood of the hardwood is a great material for building high-quality, sturdy, good-looking retaining walls that can be customized to match any environment. More often than not, timber retaining walls are installed for aesthetics purposes because timber decomposes. If not done properly, timber retaining walls can easily be damaged by moisture and heat. They are also very flammable. This highlights the need for professional help who knows how to properly treat wood in order to protect them from the elements and promote longevity. Here at Brisbane Retaining Walls, we are experienced in installing wood-based walls that are not only visually appealing but are also long-lasting as well. Enquire now to get a FREE quote and cost estimate specific to what you envision your timber retain walls to be. 



We Are Here To Help You With Any Questions You May Have

Each type of retaining wall serves a specific purpose and is perfect for a specific need. For example, if you are planning to use your retaining wall as a perimeter system in lieu of a fence, you need something more durable like limestone and concrete. Meanwhile if the retaining walls are for aesthetics, concrete sleepers, timber systems can also be a good alternative. 

Yes, of course! There are a lot of ways that you can DIY your retaining walls. However, you have to consider if it’s really worth it. More often than not, DIY retaining walls collapse after a few months. Call Retaining Walls Brisbane if you need help and we’ll be there for you!

When building a retaining wall, the height depends on many factors. It must be built in an area with good soil conditions and that doesn’t have any surcharges or groundwater issues. You should consult a professional engineer for advice before starting construction to make sure you meet local ordinances as well!

For the first 6 to 12 inches, you should backfill with ¾ inch clean crushed stone. The rest of it can be filled in with compacted soil and a layer of coarse gravel on top for drainage purposes.

It is recommended that a 4-inch pipe drainage system be installed behind retaining wall blocks. This enables the water to flow out and away from the wall, preventing buildup of hydrostatic pressures in the block which could cause problems for construction integrity.

A terraced wall can be constructed to break up an otherwise tall wall. There are two types of terraced walls: dependent and independent walls, depending on how far apart the lower and upper levels are from each other. For a dependant wall, if your lower level is 2 feet high then you must have 4 feet between its face (i.e., edge) and the upper level for it to count as having two separate parts–and therefore considered “independent.” However, when measuring vertically like this we do not include any ledges or courses in our calculations; that means there cannot be anything jutting out at all such as windowsills or coping stones which could make those surfaces part of either layer being measured independently/dependantly).

Curves are a great way to soften the look of your wall system. They can be made using convex or concave curves which help you create different effects for walls and floors. To use this design, make sure that it is within the block installation instructions by checking with them before commencing work on building curved surfaces as they may have restrictions regarding what their minimum radius should be like while giving recommendations about maximum radii too depending upon factors such as height difference between two floor levels, load bearing capacity needed at particular locations.

There are different factors that affect the cost of a retaining wall in Brisbane. The type of system to be installed, the kind of materials to be used, and even the area of the wall contribute to the cost. Call Retaining Walls Brisbane today so our representatives and experts can provide you with a more accurate cost estimate. 

You do not need a concrete footing for your Segmental Retaining Wall to work. The Course Stone Aggregate Leveling Pad is all that you need. You will actually prevent the wall from naturally shifting if you use a concrete foundation instead of this pad.

The lifespan of a permanent wall structure can range from 50-100 years, depending on the soil and groundwater conditions at your site.

If your wall is higher than the height restriction regulated by local ordinances, or if it will be built under unusual circumstances such as poor soil conditions. Consult an engineer to ensure that you are building a stable structure and complying with regulations.