Retaining Walls on a Budget Ideas


Many property owners in Brisbane have retaining walls built because of their effectiveness in preventing soil erosion and unique addition as a decorative feature. 

However, many people are still wondering. How much does it cost? Is it worth it? Here’s the catch, there are expensive and inexpensive ways of building a retaining wall. Suppose you wish to have it built without spending a hefty amount. In that case, you may have to research and plan further about cheaper retaining wall materials and other considerations that can help you cut down on some expenses. 

Even if you are on a budget, do not settle for low-quality materials and services. There are a bunch of budget-friendly retaining wall ideas which still deliver high-quality results. To aid you in making a knowledgeable decision, read on and discover some of the retaining walls on budget ideas. 

Cheapest Retaining Wall Materials

Depending on the purpose, design, and functionality you want to achieve, you will not run out of alternatives when it comes to retaining wall materials. If you are on a limited budget, you might think that you will also have limited options. Worry no more because there are several materials that are cheap in price that can be advantageous to you. Here some of the inexpensive retaining wall materials that you can choose from:

Treated Wood or Timber

Timber and wood are one of the cheapest retaining wall materials. With its flexibility, you can transform it into many aesthetically pleasing designs, colors, and textures. Moreover, this material is excellent for DIY projects because it is lightweight and can be easily installed. If you want to refurbish your retaining walls, you can pick from treated pine, hardwood, or railway sleepers because it is easier to dismantle and repurpose. Note that you should use treated timber or wood to add a layer of protection against moisture. 


  • Install galvanized steel between the treated wood or timber to extend the life of your retaining walls. 
  • Maintain it well and avoid excessive exposure to water to prevent early rotting. 

Poured Concrete

Since poured concrete is just a mixture of gravel and pebbles, it is more affordable than concrete blocks. Besides that, you can mold it to any shape you prefer. It requires less maintenance, and it can last you for decades. 


  • Transform bland-looking concrete by adding colors, designs, and textured finishes. 

Stacked Stones

If you want a more budget-friendly option from natural stone retaining walls, you can try stacked stones. It is significantly cheaper because you can utilize the rocks in your property or scour for good ones at quarries or construction sites. With its natural color and texture, it can easily blend with a natural landscape. You can even stack it in place without the use of cement or mortar. 


  • This is an ideal option for those planning to build a retaining wall that is less than four feet tall.
  • Place bigger rocks on the bottom of the stack to create stability, and it would be better to find wide rocks that can tightly fit together. 


With all the options you have when having a retaining wall built, you have to keep in mind that although you have a fixed budget for the project, cheap materials can also mean costly repairs in the long run. Moreover, a DIY retaining wall is not a bad idea, but a professional landscape contractor and builder can guide you more with an advantageous option that will bring the best to your property. If you need help, look for a reliable team of retaining wall builders in Brisbane to aid you in your next project. 


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