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LimeStone Walls

Limestones are one of the most popular retaining wall materials to this date. They are sturdy and fire-resistant, making them perfect for many retaining wall systems such as sleepers, and perimeters. Here at Brisbane Retaining Walls, our installers are expert in creating beautiful and cost-effective limestone walls that will not only meet your expectations but will exceed them. 


If your goal is soil retention, then concrete sleepers are perfect for you. They are small systems that are designed to do just that. Sleepers can be made of materials like limestone and other more expensive minerals, but concrete will serve the same purpose nonetheless. If done properly, concrete sleepers can be a perfect alternative. Inquire today!

Perimeter Walls

Do you know that retaining walls can also be built around the perimeter of your property in lieu of a fence? Perimeter walls can also be done using different materials like limestone, timber, or concrete. Call our hotline at (07) 3088 9218 to know more about the different types of perimeter walls we can build for you!

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